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Zheng - 1.85" Standard Variant

[Limited Edition]

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Hard Enamel, Black Nickel Plating, and Pearlescent Enamel

Measurement (H)

1.85 in

Pin Grading Info

A-Grade - NEAR perfect pin. May still contain minor or hard-to-see flaws such as:
• Small stray pieces of glitter
• Very small specks, dots or air bubbles
• Minor screen-print misalignment
• Minor scratches or small plating imperfections
• Slight enamel over-fill on plating or under-fill in corners
• Plating imperfections on the sides of the pin

B-Grade - Pins with more obvious flaws such as:
• Dirt specks, air bubbles or dust trapped in the enamel
• Enamel over-fill or under-fill
• More obvious flaws in screen-print (e.g. misalignment, obvious surface flaws)
• Deep scratches in enamel & plating
• Small areas of missing/discoloured enamel
• Larger areas of plating imperfection
• Large amounts of stray glitter

Packing & Shipping

I aim to ship out parcels within 7 business days of order being placed.
Delivery costs include tracked shipping.
Shipped wrapped in recyclable protective tissue paper and cardboard tuck box.

A limited edition hard enamel pin that was successfully funded by the 'Trixkster Pin Club' on Patreon.

►Pin Details◄

  • 49 Limited Edition Pins. Will not be restocked.
  • 5 colours
  • Featuring Screen-Printed details
  • Rubber Clutche(s)
  • 'Trixkster Pin Club' back laser logo

►IMPORTANT: Zheng Grading◄

Due to a high flaw rate in the initial order, extra remakes were ordered. The main culprit behind the high flaw rate was the stained nickel plated surfaces. While this flaw is only visible under direct lighting (e.g. directly under my studios lights or when facing the sun) I did not feel right grading the affected pins as A-Grades, despite being an almost imperceptible flaw under normal lighting conditions. I have included photo examples so you can see they're still amazing looking pins out of harsh direct light.
Due to the extra remakes stock, some B-Grades will not come with backing cards.

Pins are set on unique backing cards that feature a randomised artwork from my gallery of work on the back, along with my signature.

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    Twitter: @TrixksIllustr

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    Customer Reviews

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    Stunning Pins!

    I loved the pin design and choosed to get both versions! They arrived safe with a nice personalized package. And i am very happy with the quality. ♡