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'Random Roll' B-Grade Pins | Mystery Pick!

[Dice Roll Picks Your Pin]

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Measurement (H)

Pin Grading Info

B-Grade - Pins with more obvious flaws such as:
• Dirt specks, air bubbles or dust trapped in the enamel
• Enamel over-fill or under-fill
• More obvious flaws in screen-print (e.g. misalignment, obvious surface flaws)
• Deep scratches in enamel & plating
• Small areas of missing/discoloured enamel
• Larger areas of plating imperfection
• Large amounts of stray glitter

Packing & Shipping

I aim to ship out parcels within 7 business days of order being placed.
Delivery costs include tracked shipping.
Shipped wrapped in recyclable protective tissue paper and cardboard tuck box.

Buy a DISCOUNTED B-Grade (Seconds) pin that will be randomly chosen by the roll of a couple dice. Entire pin store stock included.

If you have purchased other pins in the same order, I will re-roll to avoid duplicates. However, I cannot guarantee the pin won't be a duplicate to what you may already have if you have made orders in the past or pledged to the Trixkster Pin Club in a pin tier.

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Trixkster Pin Club:
Instagram: @TrixksterPinClub | @TrixksIllustr
Twitter: @TrixksIllustr

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    Pins marked with [Limited Edition] will not be restocked or remade once 'SOLD OUT'.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I really like them. 😄😄

Great quality pin.

Great quality pin. Beautiful design.

love all 3 of them

love all 3 of them they are amazing and good value for money!