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Pokefusion 'Arcanair' - 2.5" Collab Pin
Shelley P.

Absolutely beautiful, I love this pin a lot

Beautiful pin, I love it

Excellent quality pin, beautiful colours and well crafted. Shipping was very fast too.
Will most certainly shop here again.

beautiful detailed design

This design has a lot of beautiful detail paired with stunning colors, if you're thinking of ordering it you should!

it came today!!! shes amazing!

Got my dragon here today, it looks so cute, minor defect with the wing but nothing too major, I really appreciated her note, it really made my day especially when going through a hard time. Its nice to know that she cares!! <3

Look at his egg/ball to see the level of detail she puts into her work!

This beautiful water dragon still has wings and I love that I get sad when they turn them into a serpent and take away the wings for water types, its little webbed toes are adorable and as I said the... egg? has some beautiful depth to it. Also, the backs color match! which is super neat!

In Love with the Dragons!!!

I am so glad I became a pledge!! I simply love this design, and the detail in his skin is amazing!! <3 hes so cute!! the picture with the glare was intentional to better show the definition of the raised "scales" on his forearms.

USPS sucks, but she is amazing!!

I Love the design on this pin, the color pallet was perfect for this fish! I am a little sad that usps crushed my package resulting to damage to the card and the art on the back but the pin quality is amazing!! She has also since then upgraded her packaging to prevent this from happening to anyone else! Shes very good at hearing out her customers and finding real solutions to the problems!

So pretty!!!

Pin is of good quality, I love the backs on them, they're soft to the touch and easy to get on and off. The pin itself has some beautiful design and I am just in love with the yin yang variants! only thing I would have even wished to change is gold to silver but that's just my personal pref. the black white gold is very classy though!

Random Mugen review!!!

Dragons are one of my fav creatures. I loved this pin is by far my fav! Trixks too creative! Hail trixks!!

Wonderful pins!

Soft coloring and nice material. Love the pin design. ♡

Pokefusion 'Arcanair' - 2.5" Collab Pin
Awesome Pokefusion pins!

I needed to get all 4 of them. ♡ Coloring and pin quality are outstanding!

Nice Pin color

Beside the fact of getting another chinese mythology pin. I loved the soft coloring and shading on them. They look very nice on my pin wall. And the quality of the pin material is as always well made.

Stunning Pins!

I loved the pin design and choosed to get both versions! They arrived safe with a nice personalized package. And i am very happy with the quality. ♡

So pretty!!!

so this pin has a beautiful pearlescent white that just goes so stunningly with the black and gold. I love this pin, which says a lot cuz I hate gold. There was a bit of a defect on the outer edge, I'm not sure if its a defect or if it chipped prior to the gold painting but its there next to my thumb nail if you can see it, but its pretty small, I just noticed it because I have a really sharp eye for details because I work in quality reassurance.

Fire dragon pin

This is the first of the set that I saw and I'm absolutely overjoyed I got it! The details on the pin are beautiful!

Love it!

Very pretty pin, love the black and white, gives it a very mystical feel. The background colour is really super cool on these pins and they sparkly so nicely in the light.

Quality design and flow!

Quality design and flow! The pin has a solid construction, and the preadolescent metalwork is a love to see. My only upset is that some of the backboards had "nudges" or wrinkles along the edge. Since I display my pins w the backboards, this made me a bit sad, but otherwise this is something to see!

Each backing comes with a different, beautiful image on the back. I've enclosed a picture of one of these "bonus prints," as well as another pin I purchased from the artist, to show the adorably quality packaging, as well.

Quality construction and nice design!

Quality construction and nice design! I enjoy the flow of the piece, as well as the attention to detail. The carefully and periodically placed textures on the metal added to the overall aesthetic, and their use enhanced the artwork's intended ambiance.

I really like them. 😄😄

Beautifully designed

Beautifully designed and I love it.

Amazingly beautiful

Amazingly beautiful- the photo doesn’t do it justice!

Really beautiful pin!

Really beautiful pin! Pictures can’t do this justice!

Great quality pin.

Great quality pin. Beautiful design.

Great quality pin.

Great quality pin. Beautiful design.

Great quality pin.

Great quality pin. Beautiful design.