Overload, Thank You! PLUS Upcoming NZL Shipment Cost Reduction...

Hi everyone

Overload, Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that helped make my Overload Artist Alley debut such a great time and success this past Saturday. Wowzer - it was a big day.

There was nothing but good vibes! Shout out to everyone who stopped by and showed their support by grabbing a card, sharing your love or buying something from my table. I'm looking forward to tabling more in the future - we even have a date for the next Overload convention already...15th April 2023

No other details besides that so far, but I'll keep you posted on this and any other cons I'll be attending in the future here in 'Latest News' or on my socials.

Upcoming NZL Shipment Cost Reduction...

This is a heads up to all New Zealand Trixkster buyers, I'm currently working behind the scenes to organise a contract with a courier company that will enable me to lower my local shipping costs going forward. So no matter where in our little country you are, you'll pay the same low price in shipping - unless you have a rural address, in which case there would be an extra surcharge.

I'm not 100% sure when I'll have everything setup but I'm giving myself the latest due date of 29th October 2022. It may be implemented before then but that is the official cut off.

Thank you for your continued support,


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