FREE GIFT PIN SPECIAL | Buy 3x Pins & Get a 4th Pin Free

Hi everyone

Had a... interesting manufacturing mishap with my first batch of Happy New Years ad Valentine's Day pins. They ended up inverting the logo back-stamps, so they all had backwards branding.

backwards back-stamps

Thankfully they offered to remake the batch of both pins so I now have pins with logo back-stamps facing the correct way, but as a consequence of the initial batch, I have a surplus amount of pins with mixed-up-backs that fall into my B-Grade category. I can't afford to keep them in storage for long, so I'll be offering a 'free gift with purchase' special while stocks last.

These backward stamp pins will have front faces that vary between A to B-Grade quality, so I would suggest buying a pin from the official listing if you want a guaranteed A-Grade face.

If you can't buy, please help spread the word. I have posts about this sale going up on my social media that you can like, comment or share - this helps support me more than you know!

Thank you for your continued support,


This special is a limited offer while stocks last: Excludes 'Bin-Box' Pins. Max. 2x Freebies per order.

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